What Is Customer Experience and Why It’s So Important in 2020

What is the Customer Experience in 2020

2020 has fundamentally changed the way that we interact. We have needed to rethink the way that we work, including customer experience strategy. Now more than ever, you need to meet your customers where they are.

You might be wondering, “What is customer experience? And how can I improve it?” Let’s look at different aspects of customer experience and why they are so critical in today’s world.

What Is Customer Experience?

Simply put: customer experience is how customers feel about your company. This includes both your product and your people. Having a great product with lousy customer service will diminish the overall customer experience and vice versa.

The customer experience is so important because it impacts your overall customer retention. Satisfied customers will remain loyal, and they become advocates that can help grow your business with new customers.

Evaluating the Customer Experience

How can you put yourself in the shoes of your customers? You can start by thinking about all of the touchpoints a customer has with your product and your service team. For both: what is the expected response, and what is the actual response?

Next, you can send out a customer satisfaction survey. A useful metric is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or asking your customers how likely they are to recommend your company to others. The NPS will identify if your customers are enthusiastic (promoters), passively satisfied, or unhappy.

You should also look at the interactions your customers have with your customer service team. Are there a lot of feature requests that are not addressed? Do support ticket trends tell you anything about your customers’ experiences?

Overall, the customer experience can be improved by establishing a positive connection with your customers. Ask them for feedback, and then deliver. Continue to develop that relationship with your customers so that they are committed in return.

What Does the Customer Experience Look Like in 2020?

In 2020, the customer experience matters more than ever. Due to COVID-19, your customers may be working differently, from home or non-traditional hours. They may be facing a lot of stressors.

Think about how your customers are impacted, and be responsive. You want your content, email messaging, and more to reflect that you understand what they are facing. Offer them ways that your business can support them in these challenging times.

You may also need to make some internal changes to better respond to your customers. An omnichannel digital approach will allow you to serve your customers more quickly or allow them to serve themselves.

Your 2020 Strategy and Beyond

As you think about what is customer experience in 2020, you should consider how this fits into your marketing. A streamlined approach should be reflected in your marketing efforts. Like being available to your existing customers where they are, you also want to be accessible to potential new customers.