Office Design Inspiration for Maximum Productivity

Office Design Inspiration for Maximum Productivity

Are you ever irritated by your working environment? Does your office make you feel cramped? Do you spend your day fighting distractions and wishing you were somewhere else?

The reality is that our environments have a huge impact on our work. You are more likely to be productive if you enjoy your workspace.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make changes and upgrade your workspace. These office design inspiration tips can help you get started.

Clear the Clutter

If you have trouble finding things in your office, you’ll likely feel anxious or spend too much time looking. Start by clearing everything from your surfaces and take a minimalist approach. 

Invest in some organizational tools that can keep the clutter at bay. If you invest in a desktop scanner, you can say goodbye to paper altogether: just scan and shred. If you have documents you must keep, make sure to spend a few minutes each day putting your papers away into a filing system.

By reducing clutter, you can spend more time focusing on your work.


Lighting impacts the brain’s ability to focus. The right lighting can increase alertness and improve mood. Poor lighting can make you feel more depressed and also cause health issues, such as eye strain.

If your office is dark or lacks windows, bring in bright floor or desk lamps to improve the lighting. Even if your office has windows, you may find that your mood is impacted in the winter months when there is less sunlight. You can bring in a lamp that mimics sunlight and combats the effects of winter blues.

Reduce Distractions 

Your office may include any number of distractions from people to noise. While sometimes collaboration is necessary, other times you may need absolute silence in order to concentrate.

If you invest in noise-canceling headphones, you can ensure that you have the silence you need. This is also a signal to others that you are working and not to interrupt.

Don’t forget to minimize distractions from your devices. You can put apps on your phone or computer to limit your access to social media or alerts when you need to be your most productive.

Desk Setup

Your desk is probably where you spend most of your day working. Dual monitors can greatly increase productivity by allowing you to view multiple applications simultaneously. A standing desk has also been shown to be beneficial by boosting energy.

If you are going back-and-forth between an office and home, a hot desking system ensures that your office space is ready when you are.

Finding the Office Design Inspiration That Works for You

No two people work in the same way, and offices should reflect this. For everything from the furniture to the layout, the office should reflect how you work best. You can take your office design inspiration a step further and incorporate your aesthetic into color, scents, and plants to create a workspace where you can be your most productive.