My Projects

I always juggle multiple projects. It is not a lack of focus, but I find that different projects are good for different moods. It allows me to put one aside and pick up something else to fulfill my creative needs.

Blog Musings Out Loud

I began blogging in 2009 when I was a new parent with a 3-week-old baby. My writing took an unexpected turn in 2015 when I lost my daughter during pregnancy.

My blog includes my ongoing reflections on grief and loss, as well as day-to-day musings.

I write on Medium in a more lighthearted way about the ups and downs of parenting, daily life, or whatever I feel like writing.

It gives me an outlet for writing when I have something to say that doesn’t fit into my blog.

I have a goal in mind for publishing a book. I have several drafts in various stages. When? Good question. But I have made a commitment to myself and including it on this page as a project gives motivation to get it done.

Someday I’ll have a button here that goes to my book page…