How to Turn Your Training and Development Program Into a Success

Well-trained employees are more efficient and productive in their jobs. Moreover, they have higher job satisfaction if they feel like they are receiving continuous professional development.

If you are investing in training and development, you want to think about how content is delivered. You want training to spark interest in employees and not feel like a chore. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use to make the most of online training and an education program. Keep reading to learn more.

Make Training Flexible and Accessible

“One size fits all” does not work for most learners. Content should be personalized as much as possible and tailored for that learner’s goals.

Many learners expect content to be available on demand. They will fit training content into their free time, on their commute, or at their desks. Content needs to be accessible from anywhere, from a laptop to a mobile device.

Far from lectures or in-person learning of the past, job training can now come in many forms. Discussion forums, online video content, and social media can provide variety and reach learners in different ways.

Encourage Collaborative Knowledge

Memorizing information is less important than knowing how to apply knowledge. Courses should include asking questions and critical thinking.

Learning can also come from collaborating with others. Encourage your senior employees to mentor and share with their peers. Knowledge that is held in a vacuum doesn’t move your company forward.

Ensure that learning and collaboration are a regular part of your teams’ experiences. Increased collaboration will not only bolster learning but also broaden the depth of knowledge within your company.

Gamify the Learning Experience

People like playing, and they like winning. You can make learning fun with points, rewards, and competition. People will feel less like they are being “forced” to learn if a game is involved.

When you use gamification, make sure to incorporate the content in a way that the learner still absorbs the content. Learning is still the overall goal. At the end of the game, provide recognition of what has been learned.

Provide Real-World Examples

Learners want to know that content makes sense in the “real world.” This can be from interaction with other employees or role shadowing. You want to provide your learners with examples and have them answer the question, “What would you do?”

You can also provide content that puts the learning into context. Case studies or infographics can supplement your training.

Examples that provide learners with an emotional connection will be better remembered. Learners can draw on the experience in the future and remember how they felt during training.

Boost Employee Engagement With Training and Development

More engaged employees will better serve your company and your customers. Employees that complete meaningful training will feel that you have invested in their professional development. If you incorporate these tips, you can make your training and development efforts more successful.