Could Success Be Hurting Your Small Business?

Could Success Be Hurting Your Small Business?

As a small business, is there such a thing as “too much” success? After all, your goal is to grow, so it seems counter-intuitive that you could have so much success that your business suffers.

But in reality, this can happen. If you are not able to adapt quickly to growth, your business could end up taking a step backward. New customers may end up unhappy and existing customers may lose faith in your ability to deliver.

Your small business success requires you to keep on pace with increased demand. Let’s look at how success can be hurting your small business and how you can meet these challenges.

Unable to Take On New Clients

If you are growing so rapidly, you may reach a point where you cannot take on new clients because you simply don’t have the staff to manage the work. However, this will hurt your business because the clients will go elsewhere and likely never return.

Instead, recognize and scale your staff as needed. Your small business strategy should include having plans to onboard new employees and give them time to get up to speed. This is even more critical if your staff are highly skilled.

It is a fine line between over-staffed and under-staffed. Of course, you want your staff not to have downtime, but when they cross the threshold into “overwhelmed,” it can quickly deplete morale. Have discussions with your staff about their bandwidth so you can assess when you may need to hire.

Inefficient Processes

If your staff are spending a lot of time on manual processes or multiple systems, they aren’t as productive as they could be. An increase in workload will only exacerbate this problem. As much as you can, look for integrated solutions or automation, which will allow you to scale operations.

As you grow, you can take a close look at the tasks your employees are asked to perform. Do those tasks still make sense, or can they be eliminated? Do roles need to be redefined?

Ensuring that your employees can perform optimally will allow you to take on more work without increasing your staff.

Poor Customer Service

Nothing turns off clients more than poor customer service. If your staff are swamped, phone calls and emails may go unreturned. Or, if you rush to onboard new employees, you may have inexperienced workers who cannot help your clients.

If your clients are unhappy with the service they receive, they will go elsewhere. They will only tolerate so much, and at some point, no amount of apologizing will offset their frustration.

You must maintain focus on the level of service that you provide even as your business grows. You want to show your clients that you have not lost sight of their needs, even as your business expands.

Fuel Your Small Business Success with a Small Business Coach

You may recognize your growing small business’s problems, but how do you tackle these challenges? Should you focus on service, or your processes, or both?

A small business coach can guide you through your growth. A coach would have the knowledge and experience to avoid growing pains and put you on the path for success.