The Impact of Leadership Styles on an Organization

Leadership is far more than “good leadership” and “bad leadership.” If you think of an org chart, you probably picture a leader at the top, but leadership can take many forms. Traditional notions of leadership include the person in charge, or the person who has power. But true leadership is far more than that. ItContinue reading “The Impact of Leadership Styles on an Organization”

Office Design Inspiration for Maximum Productivity

Are you ever irritated by your working environment? Does your office make you feel cramped? Do you spend your day fighting distractions and wishing you were somewhere else? The reality is that our environments have a huge impact on our work. You are more likely to be productive if you enjoy your workspace. Fortunately, thereContinue reading “Office Design Inspiration for Maximum Productivity”

A Closer Look at Workplace Resilience, Productivity, and Health

We often talk about things like employee purpose, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. But one thing that isn’t talked about as much is workplace resilience.  The workplace often demands tight deadlines, budget constraints, and increased workload. Some employees may thrive in this type of environment, but for others, it can be overwhelming. So how do weContinue reading “A Closer Look at Workplace Resilience, Productivity, and Health”

How to Turn Your Training and Development Program Into a Success

Well-trained employees are more efficient and productive in their jobs. Moreover, they have higher job satisfaction if they feel like they are receiving continuous professional development. If you are investing in training and development, you want to think about how content is delivered. You want training to spark interest in employees and not feel likeContinue reading “How to Turn Your Training and Development Program Into a Success”

Prioritizing Sexual Harassment Prevention

The statistics around sexual harassment in the workplace are startling. Over 80% of women say they have been sexually harassed at work, and over 70% fear retaliation for reporting such harassment. Workplaces often create a culture – either by design or inadvertently – that bolsters inappropriate behavior and silences victims. Employers have a responsibility toContinue reading “Prioritizing Sexual Harassment Prevention”