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I left a 15-year career in fintech as a product manager to pursue work I love.Now, I'm a freelance writer with expert-level experience in banking and technology.And I create resources to help solopreneurs and small businesses improve their workflows.Learn More -

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I stick to what I know with my client work. I rely on my prior experience in banking, technology, and product management so I can write expert-level content.Want to work with me? Click any of the below to learn more.

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I'm a productivity geek, remote work evangelist, and #5amwritersclub frequent flyer.I'm passionate about educating and equipping people to feel in control of their workflows, their careers, and work-life integration. I also write for select clients on topics where I'm a subject-matter expert (banking, technology).You can follow me on Substack, Medium, or subscribe to my newsletter to get tips, tools, and ideas to make your day easier.I also like naps.

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